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September 2018 Newsletter

Cycle Against Suicide Award:

Well done to our Cycle Against Suicide Student Leaders who achieved a five times winner award from Cycle Against Suicide for promoting mental health. Members of our team are pictured here with mental health expert Dr. Harry Barry who presented the award.

St. Mary's Calendar for 2018 - 2019

Recent Whole School Evaluation

Check out our ‘glowing’ Inspection Report following a Whole School Evaluation. Many thanks to all the students parents, teachers and Board members who contributed.

Accessing your daughter's school reports:

View a guide on how to access your daughter's school reports and attendance records.  Chick HERE for instructions.

Letter to Parents re New School Year:

Click here to view letter from Ms McLoughlin (Principal)

School Self-evaluation Update for Parents:

Click here to view School Self-evalutaion update

Junior Cycle Information for Parents

Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement

If you received your Junior Certificate Results in September 2018, you can now claim recognition for Other Areas of Learning.  These will appear listed on you Junior cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA)  which will be issued to you in December.  The 'Other Areas of Learning'  section of a student’s JCPA reports on other learning experiences and events that students have participated in outside of the main curriculum.  These events must have taken place during 1st, 2nd or 3rd year and must have been school related i.e. not taken place outside the school community. If you would like to claim credit for your extra activities e.g. member of a sports team, choir, students council.  Please complete this APPLICATION FORM and we will take it from there.  Best of luck.

Revised Common Points Scale: Click here to view the revised Common Points Scale.

First Year Reading Survey 2017/2018

Click here to view survey

Numeracy Plan

Dear First Year Parents, each school is obliged to develop a plan to improve the numeracy skills of its students.  We are looking for your feedback to help us plan to improve this important element.  Please click here to access a survey.  Your feedback is important to us and we thank you for your participation.

St. Mary's First Years for 2018 - 2019


New Digital Suite:

St. Mary's has added a new state of the art Digital Suite this year and it is very popular with both teachers and students and will enhance teaching and learning going forward. Mr Bruton (pictured below) visited our new Digital Suite recently and spoke to the students about technology in education.


Celebrating 50 Years:

Pictured below is Minister for Education Richard Bruton launching the St. Mary's Jubilee Garden