Art Department

The aim of the Art Department is to foster a general awareness of the role of art in life; in recording events; change and cultural diversity within society.

We aim to develop the student’s awareness of their environment through investigation, questioning and visual interpretation.  Self-expression and creative thinking are central to this process.

Junior Certificate

  • To provide a rich, pro-active learning environment for all students.
  • To develop two dimensional and three dimensional skills through drawing, design and craft.
  • To develop an aesthetic awareness of their world.

Transition year

  • To provide a positive experience of practical art, supported by gallery visits and contemporary artistic practice.

Leaving Certificate

  • To develop students’ visual and technical skills within curricular guidelines.
  • To formally introduce History of Art as an intrinsic component of study, and to increase visual art vocabulary.
  • To encourage and develop students’ individual desire to progress to third level education.