The History Department aims to contribute towards the development of all aspects of the student’s educational needs. At St. Mary's Holy Faith we provide a wide range of educational experiences within a supportive and formative environment.

History encourages students to have a confident, positive attitude towards learning. It prepares them for the requirements of further programmes of study, of employment or of life outside education.

  • The Junior Certificate syllabus is wide and varied. It gives the student an opportunity to consider how much the world has changed and developed over the years.
  • Transition Year encourages self-direct learning with students partaking in a group research project and an individual research project on the role of women in history. This provides students with an opportunity to be pro-active and enable their own learning.
  • At Leaving Certificate level the skills acquired in Junior Cert and TY are developed further through the use of primary sources, research topics and class discussion. We aim to enable students to provide their own insight into events that have occurred over the years.

So why study History?

  • History is directly relevant to modern life.
  • Many books, films and plays are inspired by historical events.
  • Historians are regarded as having had an education that trains their minds to assemble, organise and present facts and opinions. This is a very useful quality in many walks of life and careers.
  • History is a very enjoyable hobby outside of school, as can be seen in the popularity of history books, films and documentaries.

At Junior Cert there are there are two one hour classes of History per week. The students are introduced to the role the historian plays in building pictures of people’s lives in the past. The aim is to discover where we came from, explore our roots and see the relevancy of this in our modern world.

To begin with in 1st year classes start with simple but interesting projects on genealogy and local history. From there classes move on to the more specific social, cultural and political areas culminating in the preparation for the Junior Certificate Exam after three years.

History in Transition Year

Students have one hour of history a week in Transition Year. An important part of Transition Year is to visit places of historical interest. Trips we have undertaken include visits to Kilmainham Gaol, Glasnevin Cemetery and Dublin Castle.  A very interesting aspect of Transition Year History is a module undertaken in the preparation for becoming a tour guide in Glasnevin. Students also do a project in preparation also for the Leaving Certificate Exam.

History at Leaving Cert

History is an optional subject at Leaving Cert level. For those who opt to study History there are four hours of History per week in 5th year and three per week in 6th year. Students in St. Mary’s Holy Faith study the Later Modern Ireland, Modern Europe and the wider World Courses. Options can vary from year to year. There is concentrated and significant emphasis on preparing students for the Leaving Cert final exam. However we attribute great importance to the student’s own critical thinking skills which are essential in their preparation for both life, work and further study in society.

A  RSR (research project) is mandatory and students will start work on this at the beginning of 5th year. This part of the course is worth 20% of the overall Leaving Cert result.

Details on the Junior and Leaving Certificate History courses may be found at: http://curriculumonline.ie/Senior-cycle/Senior-Cycle-Subjects/History