Learning Support

SEN/Learning Support Department

What We Do:

In line with our Mission statement we seek to enable each student to reach her full potential in a Christian, caring, safe and happy environment. We cater for students with special educational needs in a mainstream setting.

What is Learning Support?

There are learning support classes in English and Mathematics for students in the Junior Cycle who require support in literacy and/or numeracy. Students are screened upon entry to the school and this testing, alongside information gathered from teachers, helps us to determine whether or not a student requires learning support. Placement in these classes can be short, medium or longer term, depending on the needs of the particular student.

What is Resource?

Resource classes are available to students at all levels who are experiencing learning difficulties. To avail of this, students must meet the criteria laid down by the Department of Education and Science. This support is offered on an individual basis or in small groups depending on the learning needs of the student and the resources granted by the Department of Education and Science.

Screening of students is carried out using tests such as CATS, WRAT and GRT. This allows us to gather a detailed profile of each student and their learning strengths and difficulties. We also process Reasonable Accommodations for State Examinations (RACE) applications, should this be required. RACE is a special arrangement for Junior and Leaving Certificate Examinations students with physical, visual, hearing and learning difficulties. It allows each student to demonstrate their level of attainment by providing them with appropriate support to undertake their exams.

National Literacy and Numeracy Strategy:

Our department embraces the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategy, launched in 2011 with the aim of ensuring that every child leaves school having mastered literacy and numeracy at a level that enables them to participate fully in education in the local, national and global communities in which they live. We organise a number of initiatives that promote literacy and numeracy, including a 1st Ten Week Spelling Programme, a Junior Cycle Reading Challenge, Word and Puzzle of the Week, a Key Word programme across all subject areas, amongst others. We also run a very successful Paired Reading initiative with our TY students and a number of local primary schools.

Sinead Dreeling Learning Support/Resource Teacher

Teresa Gallagher Resource Teacher