St Mary’s Holy Faith Mathematics Department

Mathematics is taught to all students from First to Sixth Year inclusive here at St Mary’s Holy Faith Secondary School.

The curriculum was revised in 2010 with the introduction of the new Project Maths Syllabus. Project Maths aims to provide for an enhanced student learning experience and greater levels of achievement for all. Much greater emphasis is placed on student understanding of mathematical concepts, with increased use of contexts and applications that will enable students to relate mathematics to everyday experience. Project Maths also focuses on developing students’ problem-solving skills.

Assessment reflects the different emphasis on understanding and skills in the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Our new Digital Suite opened in September 2017 complete with class set of laptops and provides the opportunity to enhance the student learning experience in Mathematics.

The Mathematics syllabuses contains the following strands:


1. Statistics and Probability

2. Geometry and Trigonometry

3. Number

4. Algebra

5. Functions


Activities within the Maths Department

Maths Week: students take part in online math’s challenges and problem solving activities competing on a national level

Prism Competition: annual national maths competition.

DCU Access Maths Quiz: annual Maths competitions for first and second year students.

Maths Support sessions: Free weekly drop-in sessions for all second level students in DCU Glasnevin campus from 6-8pm on the following dates:

16th and 23rd October 2017

6th, 13th, 20th and 27th November 2017

4th December 2017

5th, 9th and 26th February 2018

5th and 12th March 2018

16th, 23rd and 30th April 2018

Students attend and work through mathematics on their own or in small groups, asking the tutors that are present for help if and when they need it.



To view the programme of study for first year students:

To view the programme of study for second year students:

To view the programme of study for third year students:

To view the programme of study for fifth and 6th year ordinary level students:

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