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Students in first year are entitled to choose between Spanish and French.  Spanish is a relatively new subject to the school and it is the world’s second fastest growing language. Spanish is only into its second year in the school. Our principal aim is to foster for all different learning styles through the target language. Students experience visual, kinaesthetic and auditory learning. The students develop a profound understanding of the four language skills in a communicative approach: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

Spanish enhances the learning experience of each student by allowing her to:

  • Participate and communicate in exciting classroom activities through the TL.
  • Experience the culture of the language.
  • Be exposed to differentiated learning.
  • Get involved in group work and peer-learning activities.
  • Be exposed to authentic material-newspapers and magazines.
  • Become familiar with grammar and sentence structure through the TL.
  • Experience learning in an unique way – project work/ video/ interactive websites, songs with guitar, quizzes, poster work/ language learning games
  • Become an independent and active learner.
  • Learn in a positive environment.

Why study Spanish?

  • You can communicate with 350 million native Spanish speakers worldwide.
  • Learning Spanish can enhance your travel experiences.
  • Spanish can improve your employment potential.
  • Learning Spanish can allow you to take courses in Spanish speaking countries.
  • You can better appreciate Spanish-speaking cultures.
  • Spanish can help you to make lifelong friends.
  • Learning Spanish makes acquiring the next foreign language easier.

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